– new year WISH list –

•December 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

it’s almost christmas
yet i feel so empty
christmas won’t be the same again
same goes with my new year

i hope something good will come up

can i get these ??????

1. carviva or myvi ?

2. perfumethis or that ?

3. shoesthis?

4. watchthis or that ?

5. desktopthis ?



– no CHRISTMAS for me –

•December 20, 2009 • Leave a Comment

No, there won’t be Christmas for me this year
For the simple reason being you’re not here

There won’t be eggnogs by the cozy fire
There won’t be glasses of mulled wine either
There won’t even be a Christmas tree
’cause you’re not here to light it up with me

Oh, Santa honey, won’t you bring my baby back to me?
’cause i miss him, yes, i miss him oh so dearly

I haven’t sent him his Christmas card
’cause that would mean we really are apart
The Christmas stockings are as empty as my heart

I know you’re away doing something good
But just this once, baby, if you could
You know you can, and you know should
’cause Christmas won’t be Christmas…

without you

Two days to Christmas and i’m still waiting outside
Wishing upon a star that you’ll be coming home tonight
But it was cold, it was getting late
Sadly, i crept back into bed
But then i felt a soft kiss on my cheek
I opened my eyes, and there my baby was…

with me.

My baby came back for me
Merry Christmas, baby

– me @ IBM –

•December 20, 2009 • 4 Comments

it was really frustrating
at one moment i was at home doing nothing
i tried samsung – got rejected!! thx god…
then, a friend of mine came out with IBM
i tried IBM – got the job!

i was there for 3 wonderful months
met bunch of great people
met bunch of great friends
met bunch of workloads

it’s really big to meet all of you guys… really..


– im BACK….hope so –

•December 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

it’s almost 2 years since i wrote
quite a lot did happen

i’ve graduated

after 5 and a half year… done with my study
leaving seoul behind

i’ve been jobless

after came back to m’sia
saw all my frens got work d..

i’ve got a job

my first..IBM Damansara
was there for three good months

i’ve lost my…


i’ve been jobless…again

i quit IBM… was trying to be wut i was left for

i’ve got a job…again

i tot i was gud enuff
but i guess i will never be

– fill my LITTLE world –

•December 26, 2007 • 2 Comments

i know.. i know..
it was like ages, but it wasn’t my fault
i was dead | like….FOREVER! |
now that i really need to talk
so i think i will start to write back

i was thinking of ending my year with a lil bit of joy
since the whole year of mine wasn’t so impressive
not at all
someone pliss3 run into me and gimme some hugs
| hugs needed : MYEUNGDONG’s free hugs, anybody? —-> Paije..soooo sorry hehe|
maybe u can be the best thing that happened before nu year… who knows



-in LUV-

•October 31, 2007 • Leave a Comment

i was talking with my mom last night
on the phone
then words from my dad
reminding me about my age
bla bla bla
reminding about ‘the way i spend money’
the big boss..finally..on my financial matter
| i always refer my dad as ‘BOSS’ when we talk.. my mom? ‘MAK’ laa… |

how lucky i am to be in that family
the family i adore more than anything
thanx to GOD for such blessing from heaven
thanx for everything
i still remember those days
those days when we lived in small wooden house
me, abah and mak
how they were trying to pamper me
how they were trying to give wut i want
i didn’t always get everything i’ve been craving for
but i am very sure ..
i always get more than what i need
i have their love

what else do u want from them ??| money of course.. when im broke 😀 |
but seriously..love is everything u will ever need
doing something againts their thought
make me feel apart from the family
i don’t belong to them
don’t deserve to be treated nicely as i am now


they don’t let u on your own
they don’t put u aside
they don’t make u out from the family

aren’t they adorable..???


-why pipel LIE?-

•October 25, 2007 • 3 Comments

been a while
it’s not like im dead or i intend not to write no more
was bz working my as* off for my exams
had an interview for my english class today
it went quite well except my answer to dis Q;

Q : ‘among the famous people..who would you like to be ur parents?’
A : ‘celebrities!!”

wut was i thinking…stupid me!
i wish i never said that..
but..it was ok..since everyone was smiling | sigh |

during the interview
one of the answers given by my mates really had my attention
it was about people who lies
she hates people to lie to her .. who does like it, anyway?
i was thinking.. why do people lie?
wut it feels if people do lie to myself?
doing things behind my back?

although lying is considered a sin
it doesn’t stop men and women from telling untruths
some are innocent, others more consequential
we all lie mostly for our own benefit

regardless of the fact that nobody enjoys being lied to
it seems that lying within all types of relationships is common
and is thereby often forgiven or overlooked
while it’s true that most of us are guilty of a little white lie now and again
relationships that are plagued with frequent lies can easily become hurtful and destructive

while some lies have obvious causes and can therefore be dealt with in a straightforward way
other lies have much more elusive justifications that can make it difficult to know how to respond
i tried to think what could drive people to lie and came out with few
i’ll tell u some..

people lie to spare your feeling
if there’s something about you that they don’t like
or they do sumthin that u dont’t like
they might think that it’s preferable to keep you in the dark about it
athough this is a lie spoken with a generous heart
if they never tells you the things that bother them
they might start to resent you, which could spell the end of the relationship

people lie to make them look good
it is often told because it makes them seem more glamorous or successful
this might seem like a harmless attempt to make others to like them
it can be a sign of a more devious personality
believe me..a lot of people do this in their life
maybe once..
maybe every singe time they meet new person

people lie because they dont trust you
they may have information they consider sensitive
and aren’t sure whether to tell you about it
if you don’t know each other well yet
this could be a legitimate lie to protect others’ interests
as such, it should be seen as a relatively loyal gesture toward those they’re protecting
if you’re well into your relationship
and they still hiding all sorts of information from you…
no words from my mouth
just go and ask them yourself
they will tell you since you know each other more than anything
or at least… they could lie to you.